What is the difference between recipient information and payment information?

There are two important pieces of information we need to process a request: the recipient information and the payment information. 

Recipient information is the details of the end recipient benefiting from the gift, or the person you are making the request on behalf of. The recipient information must be entered when creating the request. It can be edited by clicking on "Edit Request" (Pic 1, green) and will show up under the recipient info tab (See the green box). 

Payment information is the details of the person who is receiving the funds. This could be the actual end recipient, somebody who is making payment on behalf of an end recipient and being reimbursed, or a third party like a rental agency or school. This information is entered by clicking on the "Create Payment Info" link (Pic 1, red) and will appear when you click on the "Payment Info" tab (See the redbox) This information can be entered at any stage during the request process but must be submitted before Common Change can process payment.

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