Can I share a request for something that is not a financial need?

I have a need I want to present to my group but it does not require a financial response or solution. Can I still share this with my group?

Common Change has been created as a resource sharing group and there are no prescriptions for how you meet needs. In fact, some of the most powerful needs we have personally met in our group did not involve money. Sometimes people in our own group have had a resource [car, school supplies] that they have been able to offer, other times someone in the group may have a friend who has specific skills who can be called on to share some expertise. We have had calls for prayer and encouragement for people who are in hospital or going through rough times. The space to invite wisdom from a range of people often leads to creative and life-transforming ways of meeting needs. One of the hoped for consequences of being a part of a Common Change group is that you will be challenged to think differently when you are faced with needs in your life and in the lives of those around you. As we journey together on this, hopefully we are all learning better ways of being community.

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