A need has already been met, but I didn't get a chance to comment. Is it too late for me to add my thoughts?

I can see that the required number of votes has been reached and I got an email telling me that the latest need has been met. But I still have some questions and thoughts on how we can meet this need well. Is it too late for me to add them to the conversation and if not, where do I do that?

Once a need has been closed you cannot weigh-in (formally vote) but you can still add a comment or suggestion or voice a concern. To add your two cents simply navigate to the request, scroll down to the bottom of the list of comments, and add your comment in the grey comment box. The request owner (i.e. person who made the request) may respond to your comment. If they think it is needed, the request owner can reopen the request by editing and resubmitting it, thus opening it back up to the group for a new round of weigh-ins.

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