Who started Common Change?

Following the 2002 Jubilee Celebration in New York, Darin Petersen and Shane Claiborne began asking what the daily practice of collaborative giving could look like. Relational Tithe, Inc was launched in January 2005 as an experiment among people desiring to live a more adventurous, relational and passionate faith. What began as an experiment among 17 people within the US has grown to include people over the globe with a hunger to participate. Since 2005, that small group of friends has expanded, touching the lives of over 1000 families and individuals in over 15 countries and distributing over $600,000 directly to people in need. In 2011, Relational Tithe began development on Common Change, a new “cloud-based” application - an online tool for groups all around the world to connect people and their resources to people in their lives.

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